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Helping San Marcos become a great place by providing citizens with access to library materials and educational programs.


There is a lot of great things happening in San Marcos, Texas. The city is a boomtown, with many students, professionals, and families moving into the community. The city has over 3,000 businesses that are being helped supported by the amount of people moving-in. Much of the population is a mixture from college students and residents seeking to start a family, or even retiring-- making the city see a growth in all age groups. In 2018, Forbes magazine named San Marcos the best place to retire in Texas.

Within the next 20 years, the city is estimating another 30-50 thousand people moving here. Accommodating this much growth requires the city to expand public facilities to support this new boomtown. The City of San Marcos currently holds a 27,000 square foot, single-story library, that opened back in January of 1994.

The Problem

Libraries play a big role in promoting literacy and providing resources to education to the community. The single-story facility is at their max-storage capacity, making it difficult to accommodate the different age groups that visit the library. The technology is outdated and the space is too small to fit everyone.

If you’ve ever visited the library in San Marcos, you know how slow their internet speed is. It feels as if you traveled back to the year 2005 when you visit. Faster internet speed is only half the problem if their computers do not support options like fiber optics. Their computer lab is only suited for users using windows--leaving mac computers absent from their catalog.

San Marcos attracts a lot of young children, ranging from the ages of five to thirteen, whom attend programs. The problem with this is that the library offers no specific gathering space for these children. If a child begins to cry or shout, everyone in the library is able to hear. While the library offers a variety of children's books, it lacks a kid-like environment for children to read. During summer programs, children have their lunch outside with little supervision due to the short-hand in staff.

The Future

The library is at a max shelf-space, making it difficult to expand collections. With the amount of people moving to San Marcos, the library must find a way to diversify their catalog to appeal to the multicultural community.

Pat Potter discusses future plans the library has, and what she believes could help serve the community better in this upcoming renovation.


San Marcos Public Library has a lot of information on their website regarding their plan for the future. San Marcos also has a specific website to stay informed with any new plans and developments happening in the city.


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